Artist Residencies

Giving Voice Productions offers extended artist residencies, workshops and classes for students in educational institutions, private groups and for at-risk youth.


“I feel like I’m more comfortable talking about issues and topics that make people squirm. And I’m really glad for that, because those are exactly the kinds of things that need to be discussed. My experience was one of the most rewarding and liberating decisions of my time in college.”

~Aleks Panovska (DU student)

Giving Voice Productions incorporates several training techniques into the creation of a performance with students such as: daily ensemble training that includes physical acting and voice, interview and research techniques, Moment Work and adapting found text into performance text.

We encourage cross-disciplinary discussions and opportunities for community engagement. Residencies at the university level can involve students from multiple disciplines including, but not limited to: Theater, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Psychology and Creative Writing.

Giving Voice Productions also offers the option to integrate the creation of a performance into an existing course. We can partner with a professor to design a theatrical component to enhance theoretical studies. Contact us to talk about a specific structure tailored to the needs of your institution.

Our teachers are professional artists who bring a wide range of experience and skills. Because of this we are able to offer a diverse menu of training modalities including:

Moment Work

(including interview techniques for creating theatrical moments, monologues and images)

Acting/Character work



(Roy Hart and Voice Movement Therapy)


(traditional as well as soundscape composition, group improvisational singing and composition)

Theater improvisation games

Movement improvisation and composition


Communication skills: creating safety, committed listening, intentional dialogue

(to encourage a depth of ensemble creativity, personal growth and individual and community responsibility)


Past Teaching Work with Youth:

In 2006-2007 Giving Voice Productions offered theater workshops to homeless and at-risk youth in Denver through Free A Child [reorganized under Prax(US)], a non-profit project based organization that works to halt human sex trafficking in Denver, Colorado.

In 2010 Giving Voice Productions was in residence for 5 weeks at Denison University and created with a cast of 9 students a full length play called Hook-Ups and Hang-Ups: College Students Speak Out.

Please contact Giving Voice Productions for more information and rates.


Individual members of Giving Voice Productions also offer specialized workshops.

Please see descriptions below.

Individual members of Giving Voice Productions also offer specialized workshops:

Fearless Heart Voicework: The Art of Presence
Workshops and classes taught by Christa Ray

By expressing the many facets of your Self through improvisational singing/sounding and movement, you can heal splits in your body-mind and awaken your heart. This class offers an approach to freeing your voice and body which synthesizes shamanic sound healing, ritual theater and the innovative methodology of expressive Voice Movement Therapy. We will embark on voice-movement journeys that range in texture from meditative, heart woven vocal dances to primal safaris into previously uncharted psychic territories.

The class provides a safe, sacred environment to explore whatever energies—feelings, images, internal characters—are waiting to be felt, embodied, heard and seen, in an atmosphere of acceptance and curiosity. Processes will be shared to help uncover your whole voice; increasing vocal flexibility, breath awareness, pitch range and resonance. Rediscovering lost parts of your voice is a sacred journey that unleashes a tremendous amount of energy, power and love, resulting in an expanded sense of your expressive Self and your unique gifts. We will work with non-verbal singing and with words that arise out of the journey experiences. This class is for non-singers as well as accomplished vocalists who want to empower their voice to carry emotional truth and radiant, vibrant Presence.

Please contact Christa Ray for more information and rates.