Get Involved



If you are interested in volunteering for Giving Voice Productions, please contact us and let us know what you are interested in doing or how you envision helping. Thank you for volunteering, it is an essential contribution to Giving Voice Productions.



Financial Contributions can be made out to the Boulder County Arts Alliance (memo: Giving Voice Productions) and mailed to:

Giving Voice Productions
c/o Christa Ray
840 Delphi Drive
Lafayette, CO 80503

For further information please email or call Giving Voice Productions.


Thank you to all those who have supported our mission to develop original theatrical pieces that expand the horizons of theatrical form and offer training programs and educational outreach activities to help students find and express each unique voice.


Giving Voice Productions operates under the fiscal agency 501 (c) (3) sponsorship of the Boulder County Arts Alliance. Your tax deductible donation to Giving Voice Productions will have a significant impact on our efforts to give voice to the often untold stories of teenagers’ struggle through adolescence. Giving Voice Productions is committed to gathering stories, absorbing feedback and creating compelling theatrical performances.